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Prevention - Youth Prevention Programs

Youth prevention programs focus on enhancing youth’s life skills in an effort to prevent them from engaging in alcohol and drug use. These programs provide curriculum to students at schools, conduct activities with groups of students/adults, and present on various topics as they relate to drug use.

For more information regarding any of the programs listed below please contact:

Rafael Cepeda Jr.
(956) 787-7111, ext. 248

YPU program provides universal prevention services that promote a proactive process to address health and wellness for individuals, families, and communities by enhancing protective factors that increase knowledge, skills, and attitudes for making healthy choices. Positive Action and Too Good For Drugs curriculum available.

YPS program provides selective prevention services for youth that preclude the onset of the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD) and fosters the development of social and physical environments that promote healthy and drug-free lifestyles. Activities target subgroups of the general population that are determined to be at-risk for substance abuse. Toward No Drug Use, Strengthening Families, and Positive Action curriculum available.

YPI program services are designed to prevent or interrupt the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD) by youth and young adults who are showing early warning signs of substance use and/or exhibiting other at-risk problem behaviors. Strengthening Families and Positive Action curriculum available.