The Margo Jaenike Endowment Fund

The Margo Jaenike Endowment Fund was established in 2015 in honor MJ3of the compassion, care, and service Margo Jaenike gave to teens to build a brighter future.  Margo had an engaging smile and a gift of helping others as a problem solver working with troubled teens.  This is what encouraged her to pursue her Master’s degree in Social work at Loyola University in Chicago, IL.   As a social worker, she
developed a passion to help reduce teen pregnancy rates in the lower Rio Grande Valley.  Her passion led her to co-founded and direct Horizon Youth Services Center, a teen pregnancy prevention agency located in Harlingen, TX.


Horizon Youth Services Center had been in existence since 1984, providing services for the Lower Rio Grande Valley area.  Horizon’s mission was focused on the problems and prevention of teenage pregnancy and parenthood with a focus on improving the health of those teens who did become pregnant and improving parenting skills.


In keeping with Margo Jaenike’s giving spirit of helping our youth succeed, this funding is available to support pregnant and parenting teens to eligible BHSST participants.  The purpose of the fund is to further empower participants by providing one-time individualized support.  It is the hope of Behavioral Health Solutions’ Board of Directors and Staff that through this scholarship program we maintain Margo’s legacy of empowering teens to achieve in life by giving them the support and tools to succeed.  The fund continues to be supported by the Jeffery Vining Fund.