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Red Ribbon Week 2019

31st October, 2019


The Youth Prevention Specialists and Program Directors were able to participate in Red Ribbon Week 2019 events through presentations and a parade.

Red Ribbon Week is observed to honor Enrique “Kiki” Camarena for his efforts to make United States of America safe from drugs. This year’s theme is “Send A Message. Stay Drug Free.” The Prevention Specialists shared their messages on remaining drug free on social media and by talking to the community about the dangers of underage drinking, tobacco and nicotine products, marijuana, and prescription medication misuse.

Here are some of the efforts done by our team during Red Ribbon Week!

On October 19th 2019, PSJA ISD held their annual Red Ribbon Week parade. Prevention Specialists Zuleima, Daniel, Ralph, and Program Director Jackie provided information on the consequences of different drugs.

Program Director Marcella Huerta created a banner with students to show their commitment to remain drug free.

Prevention Specialist Susana Lopez presented to middle school students on the dangers of smoking tobacco and e-cigarettes. Afterwards, the students participated in ‘The Human Knot’ activity in efforts to build up communication and strengthen peer bonds through a fun and interactive activity.

Prevention Specialists Daniel Diaz presented to middle school students on the dangers of smoking tobacco and e-cigarettes.

Prevention Specialist Sheila De Salinas presented to elementary school parents on the relationship between bullying and drug use.

Prevention Specialist Omar Del Bosque presented to high school students on the history of Red Ribbon Week and why it’s important to remain drug free.

Prevention Specialist Nora Guerra Presented to Middle School parents on the importance of locking prescription medications and how to properly dispose of medications.