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Let’s Talk Prevention Ends on with a Bang!

27th August, 2021


BHS hosted it’s last classic format of Let’s Talk Prevention on Facebook LIVE this last Thursday.

Let’s Talk Prevention started to accommodate to the restrictions placed in the community when the pandemic started. The Youth Prevention Programs at BHS took lead into providing their services through activities that could be done at home to relax, spend time with family, and to educate about substance misuse and how to prevent it.

Since the community is slowly opening back up, the Prevention Specialists are able to return to some locations to provide the services like the ones before the pandemic started.

We are grateful to be able to return to servicing our communities in person, but we will surely miss the weekly Facebook LIVES. But Let’s Talk Prevention is not done yet! It has a new schedule but it will be a lot less frequent.

Let’s Talk Prevention’s NEW schedule:

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:00pm




To view the last Let’s Talk Prevention, visit here: