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Back to School Safety Basics: Tips from Youth Program Director Juan Hernandez

27th July, 2023


Back to School Safety Basics: Tips from Youth Program Director Juan Hernandez (watch here)

As summer winds down and the excitement of a new school year builds, it’s essential to prioritize safety as a top concern for our children. Juan Hernandez, the dedicated Youth Program Director in our community, understands the importance of keeping our kids safe as they head back to school. With his years of experience working with youth and families, Juan is here to share some valuable back-to-school safety basics.

  1. Safe Transportation: One of the primary concerns when school starts is how children will get there. Juan reminds parents and guardians to plan safe transportation options. Whether it’s walking, biking, carpooling, or taking the bus, ensure that your child knows the rules of the road, wears a helmet if biking, and uses designated crosswalks.
  2. Backpack Safety: As our children carry their textbooks and supplies to school, Juan suggests keeping an eye on the weight of their backpacks. Overloaded backpacks can lead to back and shoulder pain. Help your child organize their backpack to distribute the weight evenly and consider using a rolling backpack for heavier loads.
  3. Stranger Danger: A timeless lesson that remains crucial is teaching children about “stranger danger.” Juan recommends reinforcing the concept that they should never talk to or accept anything from strangers. Remind them to stick to a buddy system and to trust their instincts if they ever feel uncomfortable.
  4. Digital Safety: In today’s digital age, online safety is equally important. Juan advises parents to educate their children about responsible internet use and the potential dangers of sharing personal information