The Regional Needs Assessment (RNA) is a document created by the Prevention Resource Center (PRC) in Region 11 along with Evaluators from other PRC programs across the State of Texas. PRC is a program of Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas, and funded by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC). The PRC 11 serves 19 counties in Region 11.
This assessment was designed to aid PRC’s, HHSC, and community stakeholders in long-term strategic prevention planning based on most current information relative to the unique needs of the diverse communities in the State of Texas. This document will present a summary of statistics relevant to risk and protective factors associated with drug use, as well as consumption patterns and consequences data, at the same time it will offer insight related to gaps in services and data accessibility in the region.
A team of regional evaluators has procured national, state, regional, and local data through partnerships of collaboration with diverse agencies in sectors such as law enforcement, public health, and education, among others. Secondary qualitative data collection has also been conducted, in the form of surveys, focus groups, and interviews with key informants. The information obtained through these partnerships has been analyzed and synthesized in the form of this Regional Needs Assessment. PRC 11 recognizes those collaborators who contributed to the creation of this RNA.
To provide a general overview, listed below are some key findings from data gathered to complete this assessment:
  1. 26.2% of individuals in region 11 had Limited English Proficiency, nearly double that of the state, 14.1%.
  2. 1 out of every 4 children under the age of 18 lives in poverty in Region 11. Willacy, Starr, and Brooks County had the highest rates with nearly half of all children living in poverty.
  3. 1 in 10 adults under 65 years of age, and 1 in 5 youth under age of 19 are uninsured in Region 11. Hidalgo and Cameron County had the highest rates of uninsured youth.
  4. More than 50,000 adults and adolescents were arrested for alcohol and drug violations, plus property & violent crime.
  5. Hidalgo and Nueces County had the highest number of suicides in 2016 for the region. The two counties combined accounted for more than half of all suicides in the region, 196.
  6. In 2015, more than 4,600 individuals received treatment for substance abuse, 16.5% were adolescents. The region ranked 3rd for number of adolescents served in the state. The primary substances for treatment were alcohol, opioid-related, and marijuana.
  7. 18 out of 19 counties are designated Mental Health Professional Shortage Areas in a state that has the lowest per capita spending on mental health services in the country
  8. Aransas, Nueces, and San Patricio Counties had the highest rates of drug and alcohol age adjusted deaths.
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